Brewery Tour and Tasting for Two

Enjoy a tour of one of England's finest breweries.

Brewery Tour and Tasting for Two

You will be escorted around the brewery and shown each part of the beer making process – following the journey of the beer from ingredients to the finished product. The tour will take you from brewing through to bottling and even labelling the beers.

Once your tour has finished you will move onto the all-important beer tasting session, where you will sample a range of beers that the brewery makes. If you fall in love with one (or more) of the beers then a 10 per cent discount is available on the day to Experience Mad customers, so you will be able to purchase a stock of the tasty beverage to take home with you.

The whole experience should last around two hours and combines a fun learning experience with a thirst-quenching taster session. This unique experience is a great day out for beer lovers!

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Duration: 2 Hours

beer tasting for 2


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